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Miso Soup $3
Seaweed, tofu, scallions

Sea Urchin Soup $14
A medley of uni, shrimp, calamari, and delicate fish maw
in a silky egg white broth, topped with fresh scallions

Foie Gras Chawanmushi $18
(Please allow 20 minutes upon ordering)
Light and decadent egg custard with foie gras

Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup $14
Assorted fish, squid, shrimp, clam, kanikama, and tofu

Oxtail & Goji Berry Soup $12
Goji berry, oxtail, and Chinese herbs simmered for 6 hours


Wagyu Stir Fry* $26
Marinated American Wagyu beef stir-fried over mixed greens,
served with house special vinaigrette

Fuji Seaweed Salad $8
Assorted seaweed in light sesame dressing

Avocado Salad* $12
Avocado, fresh crabmeat, cherry tomato, and supreme tobiko
tossed in light sweet mayo served over mixed greens with chips on the side

Seafood Salad* $18
Scallop and shrimp seared in butter and served over mixed greens.
House ginger dressing on the side

Blackened Tuna Salad* $24
Sliced sashimi-grade tuna drizzled in balsamic vinegar reduction served
over mixed greens with wasabi mayo on the side


(S) = Spicy Items
Asterisk (*) = Can be made gluten free upon request. Please inform your server before ordering if you or any members of your party have food allergies. Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood, shellfish, poultry or egg may result in foodborne illness.